TableDrawing-optThe process simply stated is careful planning. Typically, a face to face meeting at the shop or the client’s site is the first step. The proposed project is discussed and close attention is paid to what the client has in mind. Materials, joinery, finishes, and budget are reviewed, as well as, time frame and scheduling expectations. In most cases measurements are taken during this meeting.

After the initial meeting a drawing is produced and a ball park estimate is submitted. The drawing will be either a free hand sketch, or a measured plan. It depends on the project. In some cases, samples of material, and finish, options are also submitted. At this point, if the client decides to proceed, a $300.00 design fee is charged.
Built-In Drawing
The next stage involves firming up the plan. Any changes or revised measurements are discussed, and the final choice of materials and finish is made. A detailed measured drawing is produced along with a firm price quote. The quote outlines the terms of payment and the required down payment. When the down payment is received the project is put into the schedule.